Becoming an
(With Application)

Now for the first time - the REAL FACTS!
How the astronauts got to be astronauts - people JUST LIKE YOU!
And this CD is for EVERYONE - USA and International Citizens alike.

HOW TO BECOME AN ASTRONAUT tells the whole story on becoming an astronaut from the experts available exclusively on Interactive CD so you can slide the disk in and instantly be in touch real time with all the data you will need.

This fully interactive CD was written and compiled by a team of former space program professionals.  Included is the actual NASA Astronaut Application, US Government Employment Application, hundreds of pages of information and links to Astronaut sites and information. ALSO included is the ASTRONAUT FACT BOOK, a 92 page book FULL of the inside and ultimate information of NASA's Astronaut corps.

But the most essential aspect of the CD is the inside story as told to the author by the Astronauts themselves.  And the CD is oriented to the individual outside the NASA team - to ALL those people who want to fly in space.  The CD covers such personal topics as:

How to Face The NASA Astronaut  Interview - What Are They
     REALLY Looking For?

What If I Have Quit School?

What Should My College Major Be?

What Should I Take In High School?

What Are My Chances of Becoming An Astronaut Outside NASA?

Is There Private Astronautics Training Available Outside NASA?

How Do I Enroll In These Programs?

Can I Build My Own Spacecraft?

Private Astronauts - Are They Real?

This interactive CD is absolutely the most complete, updated and authoritative source of actually becoming an Astronaut on the planet today. If you intend to fly in space - this CD tells how you will do it!


In addition to the HOW TO BECOME AN ASTRONAUT features, the CD ALSO contains a gallery of photos AND movies showing the LATEST views of International Space Station AND images freom the spectacular Mars Exploration programs AND the recent incredible misson to the Asteroid Eros!  And as an added feature, the CD offers an enrollment discount code for anyone interested in enrolling in an online Astronautics Training Program offered through the International Institute of Space Exploration!


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